Unite To CARE

CEASE ANIMAL RESEARCH EXPERIMENTS has been formed to achieve the following THREE objectives;front

  1. Negotiate – We aim to negotiate the release and re-homing of beagles used in laboratory research.
  2. Educate -We aim to peacefully raise awareness and educate members of the public, highlighting the use of Beagles for vivisection in the UK and the dangers of using animal models to their health due to the ineffectiveness of the tests.
  3. Change – We aim to promote change in current legislation to get animal research replaced with modern more reliable research that does not involve the suffering of any animal and does not risk the public’s health.

The Dogs

Many of the dogs have gone directly from a commercial breeder to the lab. They have never felt grass under their feet or felt the warmth of the sun against their skin. They will have been fed a special diet formulated for lab animals and they would never have experienced luxuries such as treats, toys or bedding. A majority of them would have never even walked on a lead.Rather than a comfortable dog bed they live in steel cages . The pressure from the wire floors can cause inflamed or infected paws. All will have an ID number tattooed in their ear marking them as the produce and property of a specific lab. They will never have a name.

Our main aim is that with your help, we can negotiate the release of these animals, with the research laboratories and give them the FREEDOM they deserve.

Please sign our petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/66043